New McCain Campaign Poster: War is Born of Arrogance

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Last week the McCain camp released a new campaign poster “Peace is born of Wisdom” (viewable here). I found the image and message so disingenuous I decided to craft my own campaign poster more reflective of McCain’s initial views on the Iraq War and his continued rhetoric about Iran.

Click for larger version.

View a larger version of the poster.

Liberal Media My A$$

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Check out the clip below put together at

Every time I hear the words “Liberal Media,” I have put my hands over my ears to keep my head from exploding. I mean really… is it that liberal? I grant you the NY Times, Keith Oberman (MSNBC), and NPR to varying degrees… But CBS? Not after this clip… CNN? Don’t think so after letting wingnut Glenn Beck sub for Larry King, (interviewing Michael Savage no less).

And we hear nothing but whining from the McCain camp on the attention Obama has been receiving. Oh you mean like Revered Wright, William Ayers, and well you know that whole Muslim-not-a-muslim thing. While at the same time that “same” liberal media fawns over McCain like puppies looking for a treat.

So again I say… liberal media my ass. 🙂

Estelle Getty passes away at 84

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Perhaps I am showing my age here.. but yeah I was a fan of the Golden Girls. Not a rabid, must sit in front of the TV whenever it’s on fan.. but a fan never-the-less. Initially I watched mostly for Bea Arthur (Maude) and Betty White (Match Game), again showing my age here, but grew fond of Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan over the course of the show. They were the senior version of Sex and the City before Carrie put on her first Manolo Blahniks…

Estelle “Sophia” Getty passed away this morning at 84. You will be missed.

AIDS WALK San Francisco 2008

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I encourage everyone who has time on Sunday to come on out and join us. Bring your family, your friends. And if you can’t, support some who is walking.
Like me for instance. 🙂

It really does make a difference.