Desperately Seeking Hillary

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I have long said that I will vigorously support whomever becomes the Democratic nominee for President. When the race came down to Hillary and Obama, I saw nothing but a win-win!

Now I am having second thoughts…

In the days leading up to today’s primary, a number of events (some covered by the media, some not so much) have given me pause. I have been reluctant to point out any negatives, but feel compelled to do so now.

1. Hillary praises McCain over Obama
2. Clinton attacks Obama’s Foreign Policy Committee experience, what about her own?
3. Clinton on 60 Minutes, parsing language on whether Obama is a Muslim, or is she really saying “He’s not Muslim, as far as I know…”
4. The infamous 3AM ad, a positively Rovian tactic if there ever was one
5. Hillary, at first, fails to reject supporters comments on Obama

It is becoming clear to me that she will do anything to get back in the race, and unfortunately is revealing cracks in her character. I am really disappointed she would campaign in this way. For me, it even brings the sincerity of that infamous tear into question.

And Hillary goes on and on about experience. She relies heavily on her time in the White House, despite not having much in the way of a security clearance. If that phone rings in the White House and it’s 3am… I hope the phone is on Bill’s side, not hers. And when comparing her record in the Senate to Obama’s, there are no substantive differences. And based on history, I think it is appropriate for Obama to draw the line between judgement, and experience.

So now I am desperately seeking Hillary, the Hillary before the acts of desperation. Considering her current standings in the polls and delegate count, I wonder if she should have saved that tear for Texas?

Post by ILO on 03/04/08 at 1:48 pm