Heath Ledger Dead, Pundit Mocks Passing…

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I usually hate painting with broad swathes of color. But this contemptible, steaming pile of excrement leaves me little choice. Listen to this audio clip of John Gibson on his Fox radio show which aired yesterday.


While not typically an advocate of violence, there’s nothing I’d like to do more than throw this SOB under the bus. And while we’re at it, let’s throw Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity, and Anne Coulter, and Chris Wallace, and Bill Kristol under the bus too… Sure… I could go on… there’s an endless parade of hypocrites that deserve to be wedged between the tire treads, but frankly… we’d need a bigger bus.

And while not much of a fan of censorship.. I’d love to muzzle Fox News. Ban them from the airwaves. And throw Rupert Murdoch in jail (I might have to manufacture a charge, but Bill O’Reilly does that all the time. Perhaps I can ask him for help, no wait a minute… he’s still under the bus). And gleefully I will watch the hypocrisy dissipate from the airwaves as Fox News fades into a distant memory.

Perhaps then, and only then… will those who call themselves viewers begin to think for themselves, and perhaps.. maybe.. stop voting against their best interests. And finally, awaken from that long dream where Ronald Reagan saved the world and made America great again. (Well I can wish.. can I?)

But perhaps it is me living in a dream. So please… let me wake up.

Good bye Heath. We’ll miss ya. Godspeed.

Yes… I’m an Ass!

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To many you, I am sure that has long been obvious. I’ve decided tonight however to make it official. I’ve done a little house re-dressing in honor of the political season as I am sure you have already noticed. While I typically air on the side of subtlety, I’m throwing all caution to the wind (please forgive the cliche). It’s odd to me that I am more interested in the primaries than I am MacWorld 08. Yes. Perhaps I should see a doctor.

In case you were under a rock this evening, Obama and Huckabee won in Iowa tonight. While I am still undecided on who to throw my support behind, I find myself easing in one direction. I’ve posted their victory speeches below.

[flvplayer /video/obama_iowa.flv 200 160]
[flvplayer /video/huckabee_iowa.flv 200 160]

After watching Huckabee’s speech, I hear more of the same. The same we’ve been hearing the past 7 years. With Obama, I hear echoes of Robert Kennedy, and frankly that’s what I’d rather hear.