Adding Fuel to the Fire

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Glenn BeckIt’s been terrible these past few days watching the fires ravage Southern California. It’s also been amazing to see the community come together to assist, and the brave men and women struggling to bring the fires under control and help the injured and displaced through the ordeal. In such an event, politics should take a back seat. But not according to Glen Beck, conservative talker who also somehow managed to snag a show on CNN Headline News.

Check out the audio clip below…


This is simply the latest in series of incendiary statements made by Beck over the last several months. To believe I spent the better part of a year listening to him in the car just to get a sense of how the other side thinks. In a later broadcast, Beck indicated he was only joking with regards to that little quip about those losing their homes to the fire were America Haters. Funny thing was.. didn’t sound like a joke… Didn’t feel like a joke. It actually wasn’t very funny. Perhaps you should dial in a laugh track when your joking, Mr. Beck. Might be helpful. Then we’d know.

And with any luck, like most recent shows with a laugh track, you’d be canceled.

Post by ILO on 10/26/07 at 12:49 am