Pause and Reflect…

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We began with Shock and Awe. And we all were shocked and awed by its swiftness and its efficiency.

Unfortunately nothing since his been swift or necessarily, efficient. Granted there is progress, as Iraqis vote today on their new constitution. But support for the war has waned, and its impact on how we handle crises at home has become startling clear. Many of those who initially supported the war have lost their appetite as it takes a toll on our nation’s psyche.

So when incidents like this week’s staged interview with the troops occur, it’s a good opportunity to Pause and Reflect. Be sure to watch the video below.

[flvplayer 320 240]

I wished it ran unedited, and without commentary, because as it speaks volumes. But I am sure some of you will be quick to remind me that these events are often staged, a practice — that I find dishonest and repugnant — both parties frequently engage in. But I find the current administration’s repeated and blatant attempts to sway public opinion using troops (including firefighters in the Katrina aftermath) as props… disgusting, This, coupled with a cabinet and congress riddled with scandal, adds to a growing sense of incompetence and malfeasance on behalf of this administration.

But that is simply my view. Watch the video. Take a moment. Pause and Reflect.

Post by ILO on 10/15/05 at 1:40 pm