A Rant By Any Other Name…

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Here are some new rants… enjoy.

  • Oversized spoilers that either help the vehicle in question to achieve escape velocity or serve as a place to hang your wet laundry.
  • People who insist on placing the word “good” before “morning” when speaking, presuming that there is anything good about being awake before noon.
  • Van Helsing on DVD.
  • Our cyclist brothers and sisters who demand equality on the road but shirk any of the rules and responsibilities that govern that road.
  • People arriving late at the theater who ask you to move over one seat (when you’ve been there for over an hour) to make room for their screaming baby and their ritalin-starved 12 year old.
  • People who feel that the value of freedom when earned is the same, as when it is given.

    Post by ILO on 10/18/04 at 2:52 pm