The Daily Rant

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Once again I have let far too much time pass between posts and have missed you all terribly in my absence. 🙂 Working on our short film Will has taken up a gargantuan amount of time. However despite the taxing schedule of writing, shooting and editing a film, I still find time to bitch. As my friends know, there is no end to it. It’s my nature. Frankly, I sometimes don’t know how people put up with me. 🙂 So, as an exercise that will hopefully have a cathartic effect, I’ve decided to note down some of those things and expose my inner B for all to see. Some of them are painfully trivial and quite silly, and others I expect you will clearly identify with. I would like to call this new section, the “Daily Bitch”, but since my parents actually visit this site, I will instead give it a G-Rated name.. The Daily Rant. I cannot promise that I will update it daily, as I am often to busy bitching about the world around me to post anything, but I encourage feedback and your own rants to fill in the gaps. Let’s blow off some steam together.

So today I will start out with the list below. This is by no means a complete list, and nor is it any particular order. And believe me, nothing is to too Politically Incorrect to post. And it is only the beginning.

  • People who practically have to scale their grossly over-sized vehicles like it was their personal Mount Everest are obviously compensating for some inadequacy they hope is comfortably hidden, but in reality is painfully transparent to us all.
  • Packs of motorcycles that swarm through traffic prentending our ride home is their Motorcross.
  • The server at Chilis who insists on on replenishing my tea every time she wanders near, forcing me to dump yet another package of Splenda into my glass.
  • On hold listening to a message in a foriegn language waiting an eternity to hear: “Press 2 for English”. Last time I checked, English was the primary language in this country and deserves to be “Press 1 for English”.
  • People who think “Everybody Love’s Raymond” is actually funny.

That is all for now… Post away!

Post by ILO on 10/07/04 at 4:25 pm