Spiderman 2 Spins an Engaging Web

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We caught a late but packed showing of Spiderman 2 the othernite. Unlike other films we have seen this year (and I put Shrek 2 and Van Helsing at the top of that list), Spidy 2 was actually worth the $10 and 10 minutes of commercials we had to endure before the previews started. It definitely feels more like a Sam Rami film, with a number of signarture shots this time. Good performances all around with hats off to Alfred Molina, who plays Doc Oc.

poster1_hi.jpgAs usual the actions sequences were over the top and for the most part brilliantly executed. As of late I have grown numb to action sequenece (all things Lord of the Rings accepted of course), but this film delivers. It was actually nice to feel a little adrenaline pumping and some genuine excitement for a change.. somthing I thought “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Van Helsing” had all but drained from my veins.

It’s not all marigolds however. There were far to many speeches about honor and love and sacrifice. WAY TO MANY. And like the first film, the special effects vary wildly in quality. Doc Oc’s extra arms are amazing while Spidy still looks like Playdo… and did you catch those helicopters at the end? Ouch. I also had trouble with how Spidy stopped the train… too much like Superman. Spidy is all about agility, speed, intelligence, and those web spinning wrists… not about brute strength. And the explanation for the existence of Doc Ocs fabulous tentacles? Tenuous at best.

But then I am gently reminded that it is a comic book afterall. So I shrug my shoulders and enjoy the ride.

Post by ILO on 07/08/04 at 3:01 pm