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Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis quits Scientology over Prop 8

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Director Paul HaggisPaul Haggis, who directed 2006’s Oscar winner “Crash” has quit Scientology after 35 years over the church’s position on gays and lesbians and Proposition 8. In a letter to Tom Davis, who is spokesman for Scientology’s head David Miscavige, Haggis gives his reasons for leaving the often maligned and ridiculed church.

As you know, for ten months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego. Their public sponsorship of Proposition 8, a hate-filled legislation that succeeded in taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California – rights that were granted them by the Supreme Court of our state – shames us.

I called and wrote and implored you, as the official spokesman of the church, to condemn their actions. I told you I could not, in good conscience, be a member of an organization where gay-bashing was tolerated.

In that first conversation, back at the end of October of last year, you told me you were horrified, that you would get to the bottom of it and “heads would roll.” You promised action. Ten months passed. No action was forthcoming. The best you offered was a weak and carefully worded press release, which praised the church’s human rights record and took no responsibility. Even that, you decided not to publish.

The church’s refusal to denounce the actions of these bigots, hypocrites and homophobes is cowardly. I can think of no other word. Silence is consent, Tommy. I refuse to consent.

I joined the Church of Scientology thirty-five years ago. During my twenties and early thirties I studied and received a great deal of counseling. While I have not been an active member for many years, I found much of what I learned to be very helpful, and I still apply it in my daily life. I have never pretended to be the best Scientologist, but I openly and vigorously defended the church whenever it was criticized, as I railed against the kind of intolerance that I believed was directed against it. I had my disagreements, but I dealt with them internally. I saw the organization – with all its warts, growing pains and problems – as an underdog. And I have always had a thing for underdogs.

But I reached a point several weeks ago where I no longer knew what to think. You had allowed our name to be allied with the worst elements of the Christian Right. In order to contain a potential “PR flap” you allowed our sponsorship of Proposition 8 to stand. Despite all the church’s words about promoting freedom and human rights, its name is now in the public record alongside those who promote bigotry and intolerance, homophobia and fear.

Tom Davis also appeared on ABC’s Nightine last week, where he stormed out of an interview with Martin Bashir when questioned about Xenu the galactic overlord and souls living in volcanos. Clip below:

And you thought the Mormon church was cooky.

Miss California USA sues Carrie Prejean over boob job and semi-nude photos

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Carrie PrejeanK2 Productions, the folks behind Miss California USA, have filed a counter suit against former Miss California and opposite marriage advocate Carrie Prejean for reimbursement of $5200 for a boob job and plenty more.

“Even before she became notorious for that answer and the ensuing media storm, Ms. Prejean was already causing difficulty,” the K2 counter-suit states.

“With her new-found notoriety, an inflated sense of self, and the lure of financial gain available to her, Ms. Prejean turned even further against the Miss California USA organization.”

The new suit accuses Prejean of missing events, lying about semi-nude photos, negotiating an unauthorized book deal and using her title without authorization to help promote the National Organization for Marriage’s “campaign of intolerance” against gay marriage.

K2 asks for the proceeds from Prejean’s planned book, the $5,200 from the breast surgery and other relief.

“She attempts to cast herself as a virtuous young woman and the victim in a supposed conspiracy against her,” the cross-complaint states.

Prejean is currently suing the Miss USA Pageant for religious discrimination.

Let’s make “Blue Heaven” a place on Earth…

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BelindaCarlisleBelinda Carlisle, the 80’s pop icon from the Go-Go’s and a solo career, posted a video supporting her gay son, and marriage equality in Maine (Vote No on 1 in Maine).

I remember back in the day, thinking her song “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” was “Blue Heaven is a place on Earth”. Please donate to the “No on 1” campaign in Maine and let’s make it a “Blue Heaven” here on Earth where anyone can marry the person they love.

Mickey Rourke thinks it sucks he can’t say faggot anymore

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Mickey RourkeIn a profanity filled tirade in NYC this week, Mickey Rourke lamented the use of the f-word… faggot that is. Warning, NSFW at all…

Pathetic human being. Can I have my money back for the Wrestler? I don’t care how much I enjoyed it. And we soon have to suffer him in the new Iron Man movie.

President Jarrett Barrios of GLAAD was swift to respond

“This is a slur that, regardless of what Mickey Rourke has convinced himself that it means, is often the last word that gay people, and gay youth in particular, hear before they’re bullied, harassed or assaulted.

Rourke is showing himself to be painfully ignorant of how this vulgar, abusive slur feeds a climate of anti-gay hatred, intolerance and violence. Rourke either needs to figure this out, or media needs to stop giving him a platform for promoting these kinds of slurs.”

Rourke also received a lot of negative press last November when he threatened to break a “faggot” writer’s legs.