New poll shows greater acceptance of gay marriage if you personally know someone gay

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A new USA Today/Gallup poll released yesterday shows a strong correlation between personally knowing someone who is gay or lesbian and supporting gay marriage. Some highlights from the poll below.

When looking at gay relationships in general, those polled tend to have a more favorable view if they personally know someone who is gay or lesbian:


But as soon as the term “gay marriage” is introduced, the numbers slip dramatically:


And when asking how gay marriage will affect society, the drop is almost as dramatic:


And the poll summary:

The Gallup Poll data reviewed above show conclusively that many views toward gay and lesbian issues are related — in some instances, strongly so — to personal experience with individuals who are gay or lesbian. There are two plausible explanations for this relationship. One is that exposure to gays and lesbians leads to greater acceptance, regardless of one’s ideological leanings. The second is that people who are more accepting of gays and lesbians are more likely to put themselves into situations in which they are exposed to gays and lesbians — in terms of cities and regions of residence, as well as workplace and social choices. Both of these processes are at work, though it is difficult to say which is more important.

Whatever the direction of causality, the data do make a strong case that knowing someone who is gay or lesbian fosters more accepting attitudes on many of the issues surrounding gay and lesbian relations today.

It’s great to see that the numbers really seem to bear out the “get to know us” strategy which is getting pushed pretty hard now by all the marriage equality groups. Changing hearts and minds by letting them into our hearts and minds may be most durable solution, and much more permanent than any court ruling or vote.

Meet in the Middle 4 Equality Rally — Live Feed at 1pm PST

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Meet in the Middle 4 EqualityWatch live feed for the Meet in the Middle 4 Equality rally taking places for marriage equality in Fresno, California today. Speakers include Lt. Dan Choi, Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, Cleve Jones and Kate Kendall.

Below is some footage from the rally today… since the live feed is, well, no longer live :). We will post more clips as they become available.

You’d better think twice before getting that marriage license!

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The LicenseYesterday we posted a video called The Defenders which took a humorous but ultimately serious take on what the “Defenders” of traditional marriage will do once they have struck down marriage equality for all. Today another gem from filmmaker Keith Hartman called “The License.” Enjoy.

David Hyde Pierce to the CA Supreme Court: My marriage is “none of your business”

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David Hyde PierceDavid Hyde Pierce who starred on the popular television series Frasier and in multiple shows on Broadway, discussed Prop 8 on the View yesterday, telling the California Supreme Court that his marriage to his partner of 25 years was none of their business. Watch:

It’s nice to see a celebrity with fire in the belly as to the injustices of the Prop 8, instead of the sugar-coating we so often see.