Apple Too Thin for Comfort?

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Last week the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness (a mouthful I know), wrote a letter to CEO Steve Jobs condemning the tagline for Apple’s newly released iMac. Apple and Steve quickly buckled under the pressure, changing the tag line from “The new iMac. You can’t be too thin. Or too powerful.” to “The all new, all-in-one, iMac.”

As a card carrying member of the LTLC (the Larger than Life Consortium), I applaud Apple in their quick response. Words are powerful and those of us with a girth greater and smaller than Lindsey Lohan can suffer tremendous setbacks when such language is used. Words trigger emotions. Words trigger memories. Unpleasant ones. Sometimes it is difficult to simply get through the day, as we are constantly bombarded by language and images of what the media and middle Americas perceive as ideal.

As many of you know I am huge Apple supporter, some might even call me a zealot, but always in the kindest and most humane of terms. Our home is just just brimming with the fruit with a small bite taken out for good measure. From laptops to iPods, and iMacs to AppleTVs. And if there is one thing they all share in common, other than just being fabulous hardware and software, it’s that practically each and everyone of them…
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Future Secretary of State or Education? You decide.

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Miss South Carolina at this past weekend’s Teen USA pagent answers a tricky question about the sad state of our educational system.

New Annie Lennox Video: “Dark Road”

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I don’t want this blog to turn into video of the week but I have been a fan of Annie Lennox and Eurythmics for a long time and couldn’t resist.

[flvplayer /video/aldr.flv 460 260]

Annie’s new video “Dark Road” from her upcoming album Songs of Mass Destruction appeared on YouTube and Amazon recently. It’s vintage Annie and wanted to share the video with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.