The Faces of Pride

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pinkladies.jpgAnother San Francisco Pride has come and gone. Saw a number of good films at the festival, including The Bubble, Shelter and Semper Fi. And actually managed to head out to the parade for the first time in many years.

I must admit I have been jaded with the parade for some time. I’vet long felt that it has been hijacked by various interest groups that seem to have less to do with the gay experience and more to do with pushing some political agenda.

But there was one thing I saw at the Pride parade that I had missed. And that was the PRIDE. Pride in what makes us all the same. Pride in what makes us all different. Sure the media is going to focus on drag queens and the half naked dykes on bikes, but who cares. I can reflect afterward on the skewed focus on our community, but while I’m there, all I can see is how beautiful (almost everyone 🙂 is, and how happy we are. Because this is our day.

At least that hasn’t been taken away from us… at least not yet.

Anyways, off my soapbox. I snapped quite a few pics. Some not for the faint of heart. Mom & Dad, you’ve been warned. 🙂

San Francisco Pride 2007 Photos

Kitten Survives, Clings to Life

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In Santa Rosa, CA late last week, a small kitten was found burning to death in a small cage. While still alive, the kitten, now named Adam, is barely hanging on. As a pet owner, and a cat owner in particular, I was moved and angered by the story. Apparently two girls watched, laughing, as the kitten was burning alive, and thankfully Adam was soon rescued by a kind neighbor.

While a small local story, much smaller than navigationally-challenged whale story that unfairly dominated the news some weeks back, I still feel compelled to write about it. I’m saddened that people will sit idly by, even worse, take pleasure in a defenseless, tiny, animal crying for life in front of them. Speaks ill of the children, and frankly of the parents as well, oh, and society too.

Part of me hopes that the girls and whomever decided to end Adam’s life that day, are caught (there is $6000 reward and counting), and given more than a small taste of what Adam experienced that day.

If you wish to donate to the welfare of Adam or find out how he is doing, please visit Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County. I am sure any support you can provide would be of great help to Adam and those taking care of him as they do a great service for our community.