We’re Sorry Randy…

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rquaid.jpgI would like to apologize to Randy Quaid on behalf of the gay community. Seems the world-famous actor of such notable and immensely profitable films as “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” and “The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns” feels he was duped into receiving a lower salary for playing the homophobic rancher in the recent hit Brokeback Mountain. He is now suing Focus Features for $10 million. Mr. Quaid claims that the film’s producers lured him in with their fancy talk, and he accepted a nominal fee for the role in what was described as a low-budget film with no commercial potential. Just like 99% of all the gay-themed movies ever made.

Mr. Quaid indicates that his usually salary is in the neighborhood of 7 figures, and after reviewing the rich tapestry of his work on IMBD, it is clear why. Mr. Quaid is an actor of immeasurable talent, and it is clear he was taken in by a business that favors low-budget and low-gross projects over more commercial and profitable fare. Brokeback Mountain’s tremendous commercial success had clearly been planned from the beginning, and it is painfully obvious that their intent was never to share that profit with Mr. Quaid, but instead with the third-rate actors he starred with.

Here’s hoping that residuals from “The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle” will carry him through until the suit is resolved in his favor.

It is with great admiration that I and the gay community give Mr. Quaid the single finger salute.

A Sobering Look at Global Warming

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I encourage you to watch the video attached to this post. It is the full 60 Minutes piece which ran Sunday, March 19 on global warming.

[flvplayer http://inlookout.com/site/video/ReWritingtheScience.flv 320 240]

It is sobering look at how the views of scientists genuinely concerned for the survival of this planet are passed through a prism that is highly partisan and driven by special interest. The report makes a strong and compelling case, and it is frightening to think that the the words of warning by scientists are edited by lawyers and lobbyists before they are passed on to the public. Coupled with the recent resignation of a Bush appointed NASA spokesperson who not only lied on his resume but often censored statements coming out of NASA with regards to global warming, it is clear that this adminstration does not take the potential threat of global warning seriously.

Before the story aired its credibility was attacked by Kenneth Boehm, Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center. Keep in mind this a highly conservative think tank that often aligns itself with the current administration’s policies, and hardly objective in these matters.

Ignoring the potential of global warming could be dangerous. Allowing polticians to rewrite science… doubly so.

Oh and Phil Cooney, the fella who was Chief of Staff on President Bush’s Council on Environmental Quality, he went on to work at ExxonMobile.