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Judy Shepard comes to San Francisco for “Meet and Greet”

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3514278871_b866129bc4jpgWe had the good fortune yesterday to meet Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard, at a “meet and greet” here in San Francisco for the Matthew Shepard Foundation. She is a extraordinarily kind and brave woman who deserves all our thoughts this Mothers Day.

I would encourage everyone who is able to donate to her Foundation which is doing wonderful work in fighting hate and promoting LGBT equality.

State Senator Mike Leno, Top Chef contestant Jennifer Biesty and local entertainer Donna Sachet were also in attendance. A few snapshots from the event are below.

San Francisco Tea Party wrapup

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In what many consider the liberal capital of the United States, 400 plus individuals gathered to protest increased taxation and government spending at San Francisco City Hall and outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. While the Tea Party movement proclaims to be party agnostic, the anti-Obama sentiment was palpable. If BOTH parties got us into this mess, as they purport, where were the anti-Republican signs and speeches?

The crowd was made up primarily of  white males, definitely skewing older, with white women a distance second. People of color were rare and hard to find. There were the typical memes about the inexorable march toward socialism, the ills of more government and  Obama’s administration taxing us all to the grave. There was also a subtle current of militancy (perhaps it was the Ron Paul supporters mingled in with the crowd) with cries for revolution, particularly among the middle-aged and younger. Those who were older perhaps more interested in holding on to their money than “taking the country back.”

There was also a notable lack of tea, despite the movement’s name. Probably for the best. The original meaning and motives behind the original Boston Tea Party have been lost in today’s events, which have been co-opted by special interest, Fox News and oddly enough, a host of Republicans.  The original Boston Tea Party wasn’t about raising taxes, in fact the Tea Act of 1773 lowered taxes. Instead, colonists objected because they believed it violated their constitutional right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives. It had nothing to do with raising taxes. It had nothing to do with overspending.

But today’s events did present a wonderful opportunity to discuss ideas and solutions that might address our economic plight, but such discussions were woefully absent, constructive debate replaced with whining and complaining. The only solution gently hinted at was to take the country back by way of revolution.

And as for the teabaggery, thankfully there was none. At least not in the literal since. Which is a very good thing indeed.

Additional photos from the protest and a video below…

Previous liveblog from earlier today…

Live coverage of San Francisco Tea Party Protest 11am PST

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9:15:00 AM: Live blogging will begin at 11am PST at San Francisco city hall of Tea Bag Protest.

10:36:19 AM: Enroute to SF civic center if this bum hamstring doesn’t get me first.

10:49:45 AM: No teabaggers on train. Odd.

10:55:24 AM: Looks like maybe 200 people.

11:00:36 AM: Older mostly white male crowd.

11:06:19 AM: Just said the pledge of allegiance. Are you kidding?

11:06:19 AM: Just said the pledge of allegiance. Are you kidding?

11:07:52 AM: Typical. Government source of ills. Marxist take over.

11:13:20 AM: Chanting “no you can’t.”

11:13:48 AM: Organizer not very well organized.

11:20:35 AM: Partying like it’s 1776.

11:20:55 AM: Booing gavin newsome

11:22:14 AM: Getting ready to march.

11:26:51 AM: Marching to Pelosi’s office

11:38:59 AM: Not a lot of tea.

11:40:23 AM: 350-400 protestors would be my guess.

11:41:41 AM: No one can hear the speaker. Much complaining. People want to “stir” things up.

11:42:24 AM: Again I ask where is the tea?

11:40:23 AM: 350-400 protestors would be my guess.

11:41:41 AM: No one can hear the speaker. Much complaining. People want to “stir” things up.

11:42:24 AM: Again I ask where is the tea?

11:48:00 AM: Just sang the star spangled banner. Looking for people of color.

11:48:45 AM: 1,2,3,4. That’s all I can see.

11:49:42 AM: Lots of singing… Intolerance masked by patriotism.

11:50:55 AM: Now the dumb chants. People starting to leave.

11:51:33 AM: McCain palin campaign person speaking.

11:52:34 AM: 14 year old speaking. Sad.

11:54:26 AM: Save the children!

11:55:05 AM: Speaker spreading the same tax lies.

11:57:43 AM: “US best country in the history of the world” lots of Reagan praise.

11:58:18 AM: Here comes the militant Ron Paul supporter.

11:59:40 AM: Disgusted German socialist now speaking. First generation American. Quoting aynn rand.

12:02:29 PM: Some people seem bored. Not militant enough. Lots of anti-pelosi sentiment.

12:02:29 PM: Some people seem bored. Not militant enough. Lots of anti-pelosi sentiment.

12:03:46 PM: Police state meme… Here we go.

12:05:30 PM: Here we go. It’s god.

12:10:54 PM: Here comes the anti-Obama tirade. Angry lady.

12:13:44 PM: Well. No new ideas . Sean Steele now speaking. “this is how revolutions start”

12:16:01 PM: “out with nancy” chants. okay I’m done. Signing off

12:23:33 PM: Final obsevation. Then will give my twitter friends a break. There was no counter protest. No opposing voices. Would have been interesting.

UPDATE: I have edited out part of my statement regarding the 14-year-old who spoke at the rally due to their age and not to cause any additional distress. Thus is the danger of twittering and trying to communicate gut reactions in a time-sensitive way. What does concern me is when young people are used as pawns to make political points. I am not saying that was the case here, but there is plenty of precedent for it.

8:46:47 AM: Illinois hate group releases anti-gay video attacking “Day of Silence”

8:47:41 AM: Tea Party paranoia in Cleveland

9:16:22 AM: Vatican to investigate US Catholic Sisters for not being “homophobic” enough

9:17:38 AM: NY Senator Diaz calls marriage equality an insult to people of faith

11:47:07 AM: “Gathering Storm” a turning point in the demise of the anti-gay movement?

12:50:27 PM: Catholic Archbishop approves of gays as priests… in the Philippines

1:38:37 PM: Recs for #samsexsunday @tlrd @lezzymom @seasonsofpride @greghernandez @edgesanfran @bipolarturtle @pam_spaulding

2:02:43 PM: @mnrmg I love Dolly! Saw her in concert last year…

2:11:51 PM: @mnrmg hope her broadway show 9 to 5 does well.

10:35:17 PM: On no Miss California didn’t!

11:54:39 PM: Earth Day is about saving this pale blue dot we call home…

2:23:01 PM: Hate crimes bill passes House Judiciary, next stop House floor

2:25:54 PM: For binational lesbian couple, deportation delayed indefinitely

11:26:09 AM: Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #gay #lgbt #blogger

4:30:25 PM: Al Gore rails against allegations of profiting from global warming crisis

4:31:07 PM: Live coverage of San Francisco Tea Party Protest 11am PST

4:34:26 PM: Sorry.. crazy blog plugin tweeting old posts… 🙁

5:32:43 PM: Obama at U.S. Holocaust Museum: “Intolerance, racism, homophobia… diminishes us all”

8:08:06 PM: Linguists discharged under DADT could have translated 9/11 warning

2:00:21 AM: New documentary OUTRAGE exposes hypocrisy of closeted politicians (trailer)

2:06:25 PM: Bea Arthur passes away at 86

12:45:11 AM: Does 34 nails shot into the head qualify as a hate crime? You think?

12:19:17 PM: Gay couples begin tying the knot in Iowa today

2:25:18 PM: A pandemic by any other name? Swine Flu spreads quickly across globe.

7:18:32 AM: Miss California’s the Rock Church links “pedophilia to gay lifestyle”

11:54:37 AM: michael savage

11:55:37 AM: typing the wrong thing in the wrong box. don’t you hate that?!

12:05:24 PM: gay marriage

1:10:59 PM: Maine’s gay marriage bill passes judiciary, moves on to the Senate | Inside, Looking Out #gay

1:58:38 PM: Hate Crimes bill passes House of Representatives #gay #lgbt

5:10:37 PM: Closing the border with Mexico is such a dumbass question. Is she listening to Michael Savage?

5:18:27 PM: Obama reads articles… nice to have someone who reads too…

6:17:02 PM: Michelle Bachmann vs. Barney Frank on Hate Crimes legislation #FightHateNow #LGBT #GAY

7:45:38 PM: Rep. Virginia Foxx backtracks, but does not apologize for “hoax” remark #LGBT #GAY

9:52:19 AM: Maine Senate votes for gay marriage #LGBT #GAY

2:04:42 PM: It’s official. Carrie Prejean is the new Anita Bryant. #LGBT #GAY

3:16:07 PM: Congressman Boehner puts out slick hit piece on Obama

3:39:06 PM: Amazing new marriage equality video from Courage Campaign #GAY #LGBT

7:24:33 PM: Judy Shepard responds to Virginia Foxx’s comment on Rachel Maddow #GAY #LGBT

8:56:06 PM: is it me or is the twitterverse quiet tonight… is everyone watching Ugly Betty but me?

10:23:15 AM: NOM Executive Director Brian Brown gets frustrated defending new ad #GAY #LGBT

11:19:11 AM: Happy Friday! @davidbadash @jefframone @kmarysmith @2m4m @couragecampaign @imeq @out4immigration @lgbttweets @brappy #FollowFriday

3:40:42 PM: Virginia Foxx attempts apology number two for hoax comment… and fails #LGBT #GAY

5:35:53 PM: Kentucky high school Principal refuses gay students access to restroom during class #GAY #LGBT

7:31:39 PM: Maggie Gallagher defends new NOM ad on Larry King tonight #GAY #LGBT

9:26:34 AM: Heading out to a Jackie Speier townhall here in SF.. Wish me luck that I get a question on UAFA in…

6:12:37 PM: Parody of NOM’s “No Offense” ad with Carrie Prejean goes for the JUGular! #GAY #LGBT

9:39:40 PM: CNN Reports on new film Outrage which outs closeted gay politicians #GAY #LGBT

Religious and conservative reactions to Milk’s Oscar wins

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behrTed Behr of, a Christian movie review site didn’t have much love for the Oscars this year…

The Academy Awards showed its support for sexual perversions last night at its annual Oscar ceremony.

The Oscar audience applauded madly when Penn, who won Best Actor for his portrayal of murdered homosexual activist Harvey Milk in the movie MILK, angrily chastised voters in California, including 70% of black voters, for having the gall in last November’s elections to support the real definition of marriage.

In a mean-spirited curse, Penn said, “I think it’s a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect on their great shame, and their shame in their grandchildren’s eyes if they continue that support. We’ve got to have equal rights for everyone.”

The audience also clapped when the winning screenwriter for MILK, Dustin Lance Black, proclaimed his bigotry when he commented, “If Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he would want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by the churches, by the government, by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value, and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours. Thank you, God, for Harvey Milk!”

At the beginning of the show, host Hugh Jackman described the message of MILK as, “It’s okay to be gay.”

Of course, Jesus Christ believes otherwise.

While I am certainly no expert on the New Testament, I have it on good authority that Jesus never brought up man on man action not once in his teachings. Now divorce… that’s a different matter.

And here is a sampling of comments from the fine denizens of Free Republic (courtesy of Joe.My.God) so you don’t have to burn your eyes visiting their site:

  • “Seems that the Oscars have gone the way of the Nobel … Commies Queers Globull warming idiots and terrorist lovers need only apply.”
  • “Hollywood awards have nothing to do with movies and everything to do with the homosexual agenda. It’s nothing but a bunch of liberal queers giving each other a congratulatory slap on the ass for using movies to promote homosexuality.”
  • “Penn, milking the man-milk dispenser, yet again.”
  • “He just made a plea for Gay’s to be able to marry…Then he thanks the country for electing Obama. He’s scum.”
  • “Here it comes again. When “Brokeback Mountain” didn’t win best picture the fruits were screaming like we put shards of glass in the nation’s KY Jelly supply. We’ll probably get the same with “Milk.””
  • “At least Milk has a happy ending!”

And the headline over at World Net Daily reads “Oscars turn into blatant homosex-fest.

The hate is just palpable isn’t it? As said by Pam at Pam’s House blend… haters just need to own the word bigot. They seem to understand it better than anyone else.