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Maine’s largest newspapers come out in support of marriage equality

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mainejpgWith November 4 rapidly approaching and a narrow lead in the polls, the Bangor Daily News and the Portland Press Herald have come out against Question 1 by supporting marriage equality in Maine.

From the Bangor Daily News

Everyone must be treated equally under the state and U.S. Constitution. Denying civil marriage rights to same-sex couples violates that tenet.

Further, extending the right of marriage to a small segment of the population that has been excluded furthers the state’s interest in promoting stable families and communities. The Maine legislation also took important steps, mirroring the state’s Human Rights Law, to respect religious freedom and traditions. No church will be compelled to perform or recognize marriages that run counter to its faith. This strikes the difficult balance of respecting religious freedom while ensuring equality.

From the Portland Press Herald

While this change in the law could seem abrupt to some Maine voters, it reflects the way people are really living now in cities and towns all over our state. That’s why we urge people to vote “no,” to allow this reasonable law to go into effect.

Leaders of the people’s veto campaign argue that extending the rights and responsibilities of civil marriage to families headed by same-sex couples would have broad effects throughout society. We have listened to their arguments, but we just don’t buy them.

While it’s technically true that the law would change the wording of the definition of marriage in state statute, it would not change the institution as it exists in Maine for thousands of traditional couples. Those vows would not be any weaker if same-sex couples were allowed to take them. Marriage would remain the key foundation for creating families, with the rights and responsibilities that come with it spelled out in the law, whether those families are headed by same- or opposite-sex couples.

Limiting marriage to a man and a woman would not make families led by same-sex couples go away. It would just keep them in a legally inferior position that is inconsistent with Maine’s tradition of equal protection under the law.

Gay men and women already live together, own property and have children, both biological and adopted. They hold responsible jobs, they volunteer in churches and schools – they are full members of our communities. The only thing they cannot do is form the legal partnership that gives them the advantages and duties that other couples have when they start families. The same-sex couples are not the only losers. This also puts their children at a disadvantage.

Sound, sensible arguments to be sure, but since when has logic gotten in the way of those who use their faith as a means to justify their hate?

Mickey Rourke thinks it sucks he can’t say faggot anymore

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Mickey RourkeIn a profanity filled tirade in NYC this week, Mickey Rourke lamented the use of the f-word… faggot that is. Warning, NSFW at all…

Pathetic human being. Can I have my money back for the Wrestler? I don’t care how much I enjoyed it. And we soon have to suffer him in the new Iron Man movie.

President Jarrett Barrios of GLAAD was swift to respond

“This is a slur that, regardless of what Mickey Rourke has convinced himself that it means, is often the last word that gay people, and gay youth in particular, hear before they’re bullied, harassed or assaulted.

Rourke is showing himself to be painfully ignorant of how this vulgar, abusive slur feeds a climate of anti-gay hatred, intolerance and violence. Rourke either needs to figure this out, or media needs to stop giving him a platform for promoting these kinds of slurs.”

Rourke also received a lot of negative press last November when he threatened to break a “faggot” writer’s legs.

From the lion’s den: MSNBC reporter harassed at Value Voters Summit

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MSNBC report at Values Voter Summit 2009More from the Value Voters Summit 2009: MSNBC reporter Brian Mooar tried to hold down the fort in the face of heckling by attendees at the Values Voters Summit. Good TV.

Yeah… maybe he was little disruptive. But that’s where the organizers put Mooar to broadcast. And that’s where he stayed. Unlike a Fox News broadcaster… which got some love from attendees as well.

Anti-gay radio host Michael Savage canned from flagship station in San Francisco

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Michael Savage cannedNotoriously anti-gay, anti-immigrant and anti-liberal radio host Michael “Weiner” Savage has been canned from his flagship station Talk 910 KNEW in San Francisco.

According to the station’s Web site, “We have decided to go in a different philosophical and ideological direction, featuring more contemporary content and more local information.”

Savage is being replaced during the 3 p.m.-7 p.m. drive-time slot by John and Ken, a couple of younger and conservative-leaning Southern California talkers. Wikipedia check shows they are pro-death penalty, anti-tax, anti-illegal immigration and pro-gays in the military.

First banned in Britain, now SF. This is great news, but KNEW still carries Glenn Beck.