Protestors clash with Mormons at second kiss-in supporting gay couple

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Second Kiss-in ProtestOver 200 people gathered on Sunday for a second kiss-in supporting gay couple cited and detained on LDS property last June. Some protestors clashed with members of the anti-gay/pro-religion group America Forever, who were on hand pushing their pro-religion, anti-gay message. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

After 20 minutes of shouting between members of America Forever and protesters at Sunday’s event, several gay couples moved to the plaza for kissing and hand-holding, along with straight couples such as Peter Saunders, a Salt Lake City software designer, and his wife of 37 years, Gerda.

“There’s no need for controversy and hatred, especially in a beautiful environment like this,” said Saunders, raising his right arm toward the temple.

LDS Church members in support of the protest, and troubled by their church’s support last fall for California’s Proposition 8, also made a showing. One handed out fliers promoting an online petition for reconciliation between the church and the gay and lesbian community. Another, 25-year-old Brigham Young University graduate Kate Savage, attended with her boyfriend, Tristan Call.

“It’s as if the doctrine of the importance of families we’re taught is used to destroy other people’s families, and we don’t understand that,” Savage said.

Counter-protesters led by America Forever’s Sandra Rodrigues held their ground, even if unsuccessful in preventing protesters from entering church property. “This is a staged scenario,” Rodrigues said. “These people just want to embarrass the church.”

Clips from the protest below.

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