Former eBay CEO & Prop 8 supporter Meg Whitman next California governor?

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whitmanFormer CEO of eBay Meg Whitman launched her bid today seeking the Republican nomination for California governor.

During the presidential race, Whitman worked in both the Mitt Romney and John McCain campaigns, and was viewed as a possible Secretary of the Treasury pick. Whitman also came out in favor of Proposition 8 as reported in the Sacramento Bee

“Because she is not yet a candidate for governor, we are respectfully declining to participate,” said Whitman political adviser Mitch Zak. Whitman has not previously made a broad public announcement about supporting Proposition 8, but she has told GOP groups in the last week she supports the measure.

Geoff Kors, Exceutive Director of Equality California had this to say about the announcement…

“Republican and Democratic voters alike know that the only way to win statewide elections in California is to nominate candidates who will work for all Californians and bring people together, not politicians who pit one group against another in an attempt to divide us.

“As our country and our State move forward, Meg Whitman is stuck in the past, practicing the politics of divisiveness by publicly supporting Prop 8. Whitman is wrong for LGBT people and wrong for California.”

Looks like we may have our work cut out for us in 2010. A possible gay marriage proposition to undue the damage of Prop 8 and the defeat of this wingnut, who made her 1.3 billion off the backs of the thousands of LGBT eBay users.

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