Another Sunny Day in Sydney

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Fortunately we were rewarded with another sunny day and spent our time at the Rocks and the Botanical Gardens.

The Rocks is an outdoor market at the base of Sydney Harbor bridge selling a broad variety local foods and crafts. Everything from aboriginal carvings to gluten-free fudge (which was particularly tasty). We might have some left when we get home to share with friends… we might not. 🙂

After spending the morning at the Rocks we visited the Botanical Gardens, a huge swath of rolling green hills near the Sydney Opera House. The park is home to many native fauna and wildlife, including whole cities of fruit bats perched in the trees, and a flock of cockatoos raising a ruckus as they moved throughout the park.

Today we are we heading out to Bondi Beach, a popular surfing destination here in Sydney, and the one of their most well known beaches. I doubt will do much surfing tho.. until tomorrow…

Post by ILO on 05/18/08 at 6:05 pm