Failure to Demonstrate

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Immigration DemonstrationWhile I appreciate but don’t necessarily agree with immigration demonstrations occurring through out the country, what concerns me more is that the anti-war movement has failed to similarly mobilize. Despite a government that is arguably the most corrupt in a century, a government that led us into an unjust war, and continues to rape the natural world for the sake of greed and special interest, the complacency of the American people is deafening.

Immigrants (both legal and illegal) and those who support them, show more passion and resolve than anything the anti-war movement has mustered. Where is the outrage? Where the demand for accountability? Led by fringe ideologues, the movement has nary a voice, and its message fails to resonate with people. I don’t know what’s more of a crime, those that occur inside the beltway, or the people’s failure to address them.