Our greatest threat to this nation’s security?

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capt.pajk10102212215.ports_security_pajk101.jpgYesterday I would have said Osama Bin Laden, maybe even Zarqawi… but not today. Not even close. Today I find myself in a country led by a man, by an administration, drunk with power. In a country I have loved my entire life I am no longer proud, and sometimes ashamed to call my own. I am sure I’ll be quickly admonished that there is no better place in the world than the United States of America, with rights and freedom to which all other countries do, or should, aspire. That I should kiss the ground and be thankful for every breath I take in this free land. But such a statement lacks legitimacy, unless every nation has been visited, every right examined, every freedom exposed.

Sure there is a sliding scale; I’d rather not be in Burma (Myanmar), or North Korea. But it is a slippery slope we are now own, and I am sure the world now watches to see if we will shine like that beacon on that treasured hill, or follow all the great civilizations that came before us, and allow that light to go out.

Simply put, if we allow ANY of our ports to be operated by a state-run company based in a country that has a history of ties to terrorists, then we deserve whatever we get. We are ultimately responsible as “we the people” put those who are undeserving and unqualified, into positions of power. And now they are making decisions in secret that compromise our safety. And the nation should not stand for it… and hope they are tiring of those who put us on this path, as am I.

I’m tired of an irresponsible government. I am tired of a government that won’t armor its soldiers. I am tired of a government that fails to prepare for a disaster and then dishonors its survivors by throwing them out on the street. I’m tired of a government that censors its best minds to perpetuate an agenda. I’m tired of a government that treats their veterans like second-class citizens. I’m tired of a government that fails to abide by the standards it proclaimed as their own when elected to office. I am tired of a government breaking laws as it suits them, and wielding fear as weapon to maintain power.

Like the lovely Madeline Kahn sang in Blazing Saddles, “I am sick… and tired…”