Struggling to Survive…

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flood.jpgOur prayers go out to those struggling to survive in the wake of Katrina. The video footage is both harrowing and heartbreaking, and I hope the government and those who are willing and able can get down there and help. The situation is dire for many and may turn deadly in a few days.

While I am reluctant to use this catastrophe as an opportunity to pose some questions that may (and may not) reflect my political and personal views, I feel compelled to do so in the hopes of opening doors by engaging in a lively debate.

  • For those who are not convinced that global warming is not actively occurring: Do you really want to take the chance? How could pouring all these non-natural materials into the environment help anything?
  • For those who insist on living in areas frequently threatened by natural disasters or generally deemed unsafe, is it the governments responsibility to bail them out disaster, after disaster, after disaster?
  • Was it right for the Bush administration to cut hurricane funding in New Orleans, a city frequently cited in worst case scenarios for natural disasters?
  • If logistically possible, do you think we should accept Venezuela’s offer to assist with disaster relief? Also, it appears that few if any countries have offered to help with relief… while the U.S. is often the first to offer aid (at least to our Allies). Does the lack of reciprocation alter your view of when and if the U.S. should offer aid?
  • Do you feel President Bush’s lack of immediate response with regards to hurricane Katrina (over 2 days) was appropriate? In addition do you feel the plans put forth in his speech are substantive enough to really have an impact?
  • Do you feel the War in Iraq has impacted out ability to handle disasters here it home because of a lack of resources and a lack of focus?
  • And finally, did God destroy New Orleans because of the “Gays” as indicated by the evangelic Christian group called Repent America? It certainly isn’t the first time we’ve been blamed.