The Day After Dolby

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Well the interview was a 4 hour affair, but I believe I did well… even on the test. I also discovered I was the number one candidate.. but there are still 2-3 other applicants in the hunt. Apparently there was another applicant, already interviewed, who was the leading candidate, but with a poor attitude. I am supposed to hear back late Friday or early Monday. It seems like a great place to work.. and the benifits are endless.

I am hopeful. More later.

Eminem Sues Apple Computer

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eminem.jpgIt hit the newswires today that Eminem is suing Apple Computer over the use of his song “Lose Yourself” in an iTunes/iPod commercial last year. Assuming he has a leg to stand on, does this mean Ricky Martin can sue William Hung of American Idol fame?

Here’s hoping Apple pays Eminem 99 cents and moves on.

Will I Meet George at Dolby?

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It’s the night before the big interview. Hopefully the 9-month hiatus will not adversely affect my test performance. Seems testing is a big deal now days; a lot of employers have been burned by taking candidates at their word. While certainly not my first love, web development does pay the bills, and an opportunity at Dolby is certainly worth pursuing. Who knows whom I’ll run into there? Perhaps I’ll see George Lucas walking down the hallway. Will I launch into a tirade, giving him a piece of my mind? Or will lose all composure and grovel at his feet. Those of you who know me best know the answer.

Speaking of George, and yes we are on a first name basis… appears to have mucked up the next Indiana Jones film, not that the idea of Harrison Ford chasing Nazis with a walker appealed to me. Seems the script by Frank Darabont ("The Green Mile" and "Shawshank Redemption") didn’t meet George’s expectations; perhaps the dialogue wasn’t flat enough. On the other hand Stephen (Spielberg that is, also on a first name basis) liked the script but is deferring to George. When did Spielberg become such a "p*ssy"? I guess too much water under the bridge. Anyways thanks a lot George, one less thing to look forward too. After the end of the Lord of the Rings and Sex in the City, what else is there? Oh yeah. Kill Bill, Volume 2. And what’s that other film… that’s it… The Incredibles.

It’s going to be a long summer I’m afraid…


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Well, this has been a long time in coming. I’ve wanted to set up an online journal, or “blog” for sometime. I am sure you are all understandably curious. I thought this was a good way to let everyone know what’s going on with me, because as you know it’s always about me. Plus, it gives me a place to blow off some steam, sometimes serious, sometimes not so much. It also provides a forum for the lively exchange of ideas. Oh. Who am I kidding? Most of y’all will simply drop by for the free links, as I often stumble across cool things on the web… and this is a great place to post them. 🙂 But what ever your reason for visiting, hopefully you’ll make it part of your routine. As I hope to make it part of mine.

Now, those of you visiting for the first time are doing so because your are on my notify list which sends you an email whenever I post to my “blog.” I promise not to fill up your email with idle and pedantic banter. But if you prefer not partake my blog and all it has to offer, just let me know and I’ll remove you from the list to make room for someone else. 🙂

Well, that is all for now. It’s getting late, and I have a long day of study tomorrow for an interview on Tuesday with Dolby Labs. Yes, perhaps the long drought is coming to an end. G’nite.